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As tax litigation and tax controversy lawyers, Thorn Law Group represents clients who have disputes with the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Justice and/or state taxing agencies. We understand how federal and state taxing authorities operate and the administrative procedures they are required to follow. Having worked inside the IRS, each tax litigation attorney at Thorn Law Group is familiar with the everyday workings of the IRS and its people, including Revenue Agents, Collection Officers, Appeals Officer, Special Agents, and Counsel. We will use this knowledge to protect you during an audit and to advise you on your options for contesting determinations by the IRS.

When matters remain unresolved at the administrative level, we are not afraid to take your dispute to court. We are experienced trial lawyers and are familiar with the rules and procedures for litigating in the federal courts. Thorn Law Group attorneys understand the differences among the courts and can help you determine which court is practically and strategically the best venue for you to try your case.

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