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Family Saved From the Horrors of Trial and $6 Million Despite 12 Beneficiaries With Unreported Assets in Liechtenstein

Virginia tax attorney Kevin Thorn saved a family $6 million by avoiding a trial.

Husband and Wife With Over 35 Bank Accounts Received Minimal Fbar Penalty for Their IRS Voluntary Disclosure

Virginia tax attorney Kevin Thorn saved a husband and wife $1.2 million by securing a minimal FBAR penalty for their IRS voluntary disclosure, despite their having over 35 bank accounts.

Couple Saves Over $1.1 Million in Penalties After Kevin E. Thorn Guides Them Through a Sensitive IRS Voluntary Disclosure

Kevin E. Thorn guided a couple through a sensitive IRS voluntary disclosure, resulting in savings of over $1.1 million in penalties.

Husband and Wife Save Over $500 Million in Additional Tax and Penalties in IRS Litigation Settlement

A husband and wife saved over $500 million in additional tax and penalties through an IRS litigation settlement.

Thorn Law Group Leads Company in New Zealand Through the IRS’s Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures, Resulting in a 0% Penalty

The Thorn Law Group successfully led a company in New Zealand through the IRS's Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures, resulting in a 0% penalty and savings of $1 million.

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