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The IRS and other government authorities have been taking an increasingly tough stance on tax and other related financial crimes, including tax fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and undisclosed foreign accounts and assets. Criminal convictions for these types of crimes carry serious consequences, including harsh fines and penalties along with the possibility of significant time in prison.

The Criminal Investigation (CI) division of the IRS includes over 2,500 special agents charged with investigating potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code and other financial related crimes. These financial investigators are expertly trained in sophisticated forensic technology to uncover computer evidence and financial data that may be hidden by encryption, passwords or other electronic means. The CI’s conviction rate is known to be one of the highest conviction rates in federal law enforcement. In fiscal year 2015 alone, the CI initiated over 3,800 financial investigations and reported nearly 2,900 convictions. 80.8% of the CI actions carried a prison sentence and 40 months was the average time to serve.


The attorneys at Thorn Law Group are aware of the gravity of an IRS criminal investigation. Our tax law team has over three decades of collective experience handling difficult and sensitive criminal tax cases. Our tax law attorneys represent individual taxpayers, business professionals, corporations, banks, trusts and other entities in Virginia, throughout the United States and around the world that are being criminally investigated by the IRS or have been indicted for criminal tax violations. Our criminal tax attorneys handle a broad range of tax law matters, including:

Many of our lawyers are former IRS tax attorneys which gives us an inside perspective on how the government investigates suspected criminal activity and works to build its case. We leverage this unique insight and our extensive understanding of the tax laws to develop tactics and strategies that best protect and defend our clients.


Early intervention by an experienced tax law attorney is key when a client is dealing with a serious criminal tax matter. In some situations, an IRS civil tax audit can lead to a criminal investigation. In certain cases, a taxpayer may not even suspect that a criminal investigation has been initiated until he or she is contacted by the IRS. When a client is facing an IRS investigation an experienced criminal tax attorney at our firm will thoroughly explain what is happening and help the client cooperate with the investigation to the extent the client is obligated by law. If a criminal charge is filed, our lawyers will take swift and aggressive action to prepare and present the best defense possible for our client. We understand what is at risk and are committed to doing everything we can to help our clients avoid the harm and damages often associated with these types of actions.

To learn more about how Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner at Thorn Law Group, can help with an IRS criminal tax investigation or a criminal indictment, contact our Virginia satellite office today at 703-752-3752 or ket@thornlawgroup.com. Time is of the essence in these types of cases so we encourage you to schedule a confidential consultation with a Virginia criminal tax attorney.

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