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International Disputes

Virginia Tax Lawyer Tackling Complicated International Tax Disputes

The attorneys at Thorn Law Group are widely known for their ability to resolve high stakes international tax law disputes.  Our lawyers have deep experience advising and counseling businesses and individuals who are involved in challenging and sophisticated tax law controversies. We represent taxpayers across the globe in complicated international tax law matters, including:

  • United States citizens working and living abroad
  • United States citizens with foreign-sourced income
  • United States taxpayers with international trusts
  • Non-U.S. taxpayers with U.S.-sourced income
  • U.S. businesses with operations abroad
  • International businesses with U.S. tax reporting requirements and tax liabilities
  • U.S. and non-U.S. entertainers with worldwide income
  • Expatriates

The attorneys at our firm have decades of collective experience guiding individual taxpayers, corporate executives, banks, trusts, businesses and other entities through complex national and international tax laws and regulations.  We work with our clients to plan for and address tax law issues before they turn into serious tax law problems.  Should a tax dispute or controversy arise, our lawyers are fully prepared to advocate for our clients at all stages of the legal process. 

International Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion

The Internal Revenue Service has elevated its efforts to combat international tax fraud and tax evasion by expanding its information sharing and cooperation programs with countries around the world.  Identifying and stopping the use of hidden offshore accounts to evade U.S. tax obligations is a top priority for the IRS.  The IRS is also increasing audits of U.S. businesses and individual taxpayers that make payments to foreign businesses and persons in an effort to make certain that U.S. taxpayers are meeting their reporting and tax withholding obligations.  Additionally, the U.S. Government plans to expand IRS audits and investigations of individual taxpayers and businesses with offshore bank accounts, foreign sourced income, and foreign trusts.

Helping Individuals and Businesses Resolve Tax Law Problems

With the U.S. Government taking serious measures to crack down on international tax fraud and offshore tax evasion schemes, taxpayers who have concerns about their offshore bank accounts or foreign sourced income should consult with an experienced international tax law attorney.  The legal team at Thorn Law Group regularly counsels and represents clients in the Virginia area and around the world who are dealing with offshore account issues and other international tax law matters. Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the rapidly developing rules and standards governing offshore bank accounts.  We work directly with our clients to ensure that they fully understand and satisfy the complicated tax reporting requirements associated with these types of bank accounts.  We also have extensive experience guiding clients through the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program and have helped hundreds of clients bring their offshore accounts into legal compliance through participation in this IRS tax amnesty program.

Contact the International Tax Law Attorneys at Thorn Law Group

If you have concerns about an offshore bank account or think you may be targeted for an IRS audit or investigation that involves international tax issues, Thorn Law Group can help. Contact the experienced tax law team in our Virginia offices today by calling 703-752-3752 or emailing ket@thornlawgroup.com .

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