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IRS Civil Tax Audits

Virginia IRS Civil Tax Audit Lawyer

Thorn Law Group has extensive experience representing individual taxpayers, high-net-worth individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, technology companies, banks and other entities facing civil audits by the Internal Revenue Service.  Our firm has developed a strong reputation for successfully resolving IRS audits for clients throughout the Virginia region and across the U.S.  Our seasoned tax law team focuses on solving our clients’ sensitive tax law issues in the quickest and most discreet manner possible.

Being the subject on an IRS audit can be a scary and uncomfortable experience.  The U.S. tax system is extraordinarily complex and nearly impossible for taxpayers to navigate alone.  If you are being audited by the IRS it is best to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced tax law team.  The attorneys at Thorn Law Group have an in-depth of understanding of how the IRS initiates and conducts civil audits.  We leverage our experience as former IRS attorneys to guide our clients through difficult and challenging IRS audit situations.  Our lawyers work closely with clients to craft strategies that bring IRS audits to a quick end while minimizing our client’s exposure to taxes, fines and other penalties.

Handling a Diverse Range of Civil Audits

The attorneys at Thorn Law Group represent clients in a broad scope of civil audits, ranging from individual and business income taxes to worker classification audits, offshore accounts and foreign bank account reporting (FBAR).   When the IRS initiates a taxpayer audit, the taxpayer must prove that he or she has complied with U.S. tax laws and regulations.  The IRS uses the audit process to determine whether the information set forth on the taxpayer’s tax return was accurately and correctly reported to the government.  In order to make such a determination, the IRS will carefully scrutinize the taxpayer’s reported income, deductions and expenses.  Depending upon the IRS findings, the taxpayer may be required to pay additional taxes along with interest and penalties.  In some cases, the taxpayer may not be subject to any additional taxes and could even receive a refund should the IRS conclude that an overpayment of taxes occurred.

If a tax matter cannot be properly settled through the civil audit process, the taxpayer may choose to file an appeal with the IRS Office of Appeals.  In these situations, a tax attorney at our firm will represent the client through each phase of the IRS appeals process.  Our lawyers are highly skilled in handling these types of appeals and will work to negotiate a fair and just settlement of the matter with the IRS.  In the event that the tax audit case cannot be successfully resolved through the IRS appeals process, our firm is fully prepared to litigate the matter before the United States Tax Court or other federal courts.  Our strong team of tax litigators vigorously fight to protect our clients’ rights and interests at every step of the litigation process.

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If you are being audited by the IRS and have questions about the civil audit process, we encourage you to discuss your situation with an attorney at our firm.  You can reach our Virginia satellite offices by calling 703-752-3752 or emailing Kevin Thorn at ket@thornlawgroup.com.

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