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Do You Need to File an Amended Return?


Posted in on July 30, 2018

While you are required to file your taxes by April each year, sometimes taxpayers need to make changes to the original tax returns that they have filed. In these circumstances, filing an amended return could become necessary.

If you are not sure whether you need to file an amended return or if you need help filing an amended return, a Virginia tax attorney can provide the assistance that you need.  You do not want to delay in amending your taxes if doing so is necessary, so reach out to an attorney today if you think you may need to update the information that you gave to the IRS.

Do You Need To File an Amended Tax Return?

You need to file an amended tax return if you made certain types of mistakes on your original submission to the IRS or if you get additional information after submitting your return that changes key details you included on your return.

The IRS explains some of the circumstances in which it may be necessary to file an amended return. For example, if you accidentally claimed the wrong filing status, you should file an amended return. This could happen if you determine you should have filed as married filing jointly instead of married filing separately, for example, or  could occur if you filed as single when you should have filed as married.

The IRS also indicates that you should submit an amended return if you need to correct the number of dependents you claimed. Many people are confused about exactly who counts as a dependent so if you discover that you should not have claimed your older child or that you should have claimed your parent who is living with you, you will want to file an amended return so you could either pay any additional taxes you owe or can receive a larger refund you had coming.

It is also important to submit an amended return if you made a mistake in your total income, according to the IRS. It can be especially important to submit your amended return ASAP if the mistake was in your favor and you owe the IRS more than you paid due to underestimating your income. In these circumstances, it is essential to submit your amended return ASAP to limit any interest or penalties you could owe on the unpaid taxes.

However, there are times when mistakes on your tax filing don't necessitate amending your return. If you forgot to submit a form with your taxes, you don't need to submit an amended return — the IRS will reach out and ask for the form if necessary. If you made a simple math error, it is also unnecessary to submit an amended return as the IRS should catch the error – unless the mistake results in your income changing a lot.

If you are not sure about whether you should file an amended return or if you need help filing one, you should talk with a Virginia tax attorney as soon as possible to get help. Contact Kevin Thorn as soon as possible by calling 703-752-3752.

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