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Should You Disclose Your Virginia Offshore Bank Account Now or Later?

Posted in News, Offshore Account Update on August 22, 2019

If you have unreported offshore bank accounts, you may be aware that you can disclose these accounts to the IRS while minimizing your penalties and criminal exposure. However, you may also be inclined to refrain from disclosing these accounts immediately. That said, the question is: Disclose now or later?

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Virginia Tax Lawyer Kevin E. Thorn Explains the Federal Tax Appeals Process

Posted in Offshore Account Update on July 23, 2019

As a U.S. taxpayer, you have the right to challenge any IRS tax bill that you believe is either unfair or inaccurate. However, any such challenge will need to comply with strict guidelines and procedures. This is not something that is advisable for the taxpayer to do on their own. Legal representation will be necessary. Read More

Responding to Tax Audits: Let a Virginia IRS Audit Lawyer Help

Posted in News on June 26, 2019

For Virginia professionals, being targeted by the IRS for a tax audit can be a daunting prospect. With an audit, the IRS can challenge a professional’s tax reporting on his or her business income. And the taxpayer could face additional taxes, interest and penalties at the end of the process.

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Virginia Tax Audits: Your Rights and Responsibilities

Posted in News on May 6, 2019

Virginia taxpayers are routinely audited on their state taxes. Just as the IRS performs its audits, the Virginia Department of Taxation also audits tax returns to ensure compliance with state tax law. It is important for Virginia taxpayers to know their rights during these audits. And since a Virginia tax audit is a serious process, it is just as important for taxpayers to be aware of their responsibilities.

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Tax Implications of Commingling Expenses from Different Businesses

Posted in News on March 29, 2019

For U.S. taxpayers who own multiple businesses, they must be wary of commingling expenses between the businesses. If one company is used to pay the other’s expenses, the tax consequences could be severe. This point is demonstrated by the recent IRS case of Key Carpets v. Commissioner. Read More

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