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Archive by Year:2018

The Budget Deal Restored Certain Expired Tax Cuts

Posted in News on March 30, 2018

As a taxpayer, it's important that you take full advantage of any tax cuts that you are eligible for. A Virginia tax attorney can help you to take advantage of tax breaks so you can save as much as possible on your taxes. Read More

Amending Your Tax Return: When Should You Do It?

Posted in News on February 28, 2018

Filing taxes can be complicated, but you're still expected to provide correct information to the IRS despite the fact that doing so is often a challenge. If you discover a mistake in your tax return from this year, or from prior years, you may need to submit an amended return to correct the errors on the forms you submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. Read More

Swiss Private Banks Are on the Decline

Posted in Offshore Account Update on January 31, 2018

Swiss banks had a long tradition of providing privacy and providing top quality service. This prompted wealthy individuals and businesses from throughout the world to invest their funds in Swiss banks.  However, in recent years, many Swiss banks have been forced to turn over financial information and account details on foreign investors with Swiss bank accounts.  Read More

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